Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lots of Changes..

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted a blog here. As many of you can tell, I post numerous per times per day on twitter, which has almost taken place of this blog. Despite that, I would still like to give everyone a little summary of what I have been up to.

As everyone now knows, online poker has taken a huge hit in America. I was really lucky that I only had around $15,000 online, most of which was on pokerstars, which is the only site that has allowed players to cash out. Most of my play was in the live poker arena, which basically means Black Friday will have little impact on my actual poker play.

As for, it will have an effect on the videos we provide at the site. I currently have two coaches, Jeremy Yip and Alex Tipper, which isn�t American, so they will continue to make live videos. Most of the other coaches will be making either review or concept videos in the near future. I actually think review and concept videos are better than live sweat videos to help you develop as a poker player.

Seeing as most Americans can no longer play online, I suggest everyone use this time to learn the game, as you won�t be distracted by actually playing poker. There are around 500 hours of content on, which I suggest you all go through. If you study hard while everyone else is taking a vacation, you will be well ahead of the curve when online poker comes back to America.

I firmly believe online poker will be back in America sometime in the future. I can�t really give any sort of time table, but it simply has to happen. When it does, we will see a poker boom similar to 2003, when Moneymaker won the wsop as poker will be 100% legal. Sure, it may be taxed or raked higher, but it will be legal, which is what most amateurs care about. If you study now, you will be able to crush them.

Speaking of studying, my book, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: Volume 1, is now available on Amazon and most major book stores. I firmly believe the book is the best information about how to crush tournaments on the market. Use this down time from online poker to pick up the book and study hard. In Volume 1, I will teach you the fundamentals of the game as well as how to play with numerous different stack sizes.

I will teach the fairly loose and aggressive style I play on a day to day basis. Volume 2, which will be out sometime later this year, will discuss how to play in each stage of a tournament, how to learn to improve your game over time, which tells I think are most important, proper tournament behavior, how to control your emotions, and how to be a professional poker player. I suggest everyone order both volumes and study hard.

About three weeks before Black Friday, I took 2nd in a huge $1,000 buyin event on Full Tilt, cashing for around $317,000. Something in my mind told me to cash out asap, so I did. This was an extreme case of running hot, as I have very little of it currently locked up. I will be putting the video out somewhere in the future. Please make sure you are on my mailing list by emailing or and asking to be included.

My upcoming plans include the $5,000 and $25,000 events at Bellagio in a week, being best man in by best friend�s, from high school, wedding, and a ton of events at the wsop. Seeing as I can�t play online, I plan to grind either the satellites or cash games a lot when I am not playing in the tournaments. I have to make the most of the wsop, which I haven�t done in the past. I suggest every professional poker player get out there and grind up a bankroll. Good luck!!