Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on the WSOP so far...

Jonathn Little is a young star who made his name playing Texas Hold'em Poker both live and online. He's a former Pensacola native and one of the best Sit and go players in the world.

So far my WSOP feels like it is going pretty bad but in reality, it isn�t going too terrible. I have made 2 deep runs and have 3 cashes, which is better than any other WSOP performance by me half way through the series. I have had a 30th and a 46th place, both in $1500 events, which while they didn�t pay much, gave me a bit of confidence, especially seeing as I lost flips in both of them to be chip leader. At least I am getting in good spots.

Today a fun hand came up against Shawn Keller, who I assumed was a reasonable guy but turns out he has no clue how to act at the table. This happened in the $10,000 pot limit holdem tournament. It is day 2 and we were playing 600/1200 blinds. I had around 60,000. I had already cold 4bet him once (he was on my direct right) and check called down with A7 on an Axxxx. Anyways, he raised from the button and I reraised AQs to 10,000.

He made it 30,000 and I decided to go all in, as he had been super active so far and I assumed I had way the best hand. He tanked for around 4 minutes then finally called with AK, getting 3:1. He then celebrated like a maniac, which seems out of line, especially when you get it in good and win.

It is pretty cool, I think, that even in a pot limit tournament, where nitty play is rewarded because there are no antes, I think it is perfectly fine to get in for 50bbs with AQ. When you are raising and reraising a lot, like both me and keller were doing, you have to be happy to get in with hands like AK or AQ.

His tank call was ridiculous in my opinion because he was playing around 50% of the pots for the first 30 minutes of the day. Anyways, besides the WSOP, life is going fine. My mom and dad have been staying with me for the last few days and my aunt and cousin arrive today. I will have a full house. I have been working out hard and feel like I am getting in good shape.

I am starting to realize that my body isn�t built to run marathons though, as I get tired of running after around 30 minutes. I am going to keep trying though. There are still 14 WSOP events I plan on playing. Hopefully I can find one of them to run hot in and bring home a bracelet.